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Buying Cheap Hawaiian Shirts

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Hawaiian shirts make a unique fashion clothing for men and women. These are button down shirts with short sleeves and have a classy beach feel. A fave of most of the youngsters, these shirts are perfect pick for finishing a funky casual attire. Adding one or a few of these to the casual section of your wardrobe is definitely a great idea. While floral prints are most popular features of these shirts, you can also find other fancy and colorful prints on these. These shirts have an all over print pattern that are printed in fresh colors. Prints in monochromatic color schemes are rarely found, but they look as appealing as the mixed color prints. You need not empty your wallet while buying these shirts which can also be bought at cheaper rates. Well, if you were wondering how to buy cheap Hawaiian shirts, here are a few tips to help you.

Tips to Follow

With the huge popularity of Hawaiian or Aloha shirts, you can find a number of manufacturer’s selling these at low rates. This makes finding cheap aloha shirts an easy task. Most of the brands order these in large quantity. They order a huge number of shirts in each print. As I mentioned earlier, floral print is much popular and most of the manufacturers and sellers have a huge collection of these. Apart from floral, you can also find latest prints and designs, colors and combination in at cheaper rates in the market. Hitting the factory outlets of popular brands is a good idea to buy these fashion pieces at lower rates. You can also shop at shops that have announced sale.

Fabric is another factor to be considered while you shop for one. Cotton shirts will undoubtedly cost you lesser than the silk shirts. You can buy cotton shirts in Hawaiian style even below USD 50. Yes, the 100% cotton shirts are priced much lower and still offer a comfy garment to flaunt off with your casual wear. Cotton shirts being a popular pick, have a high demand, hence these are produced in larger quantities and sold at lesser price. Buying a cotton fabric with Hawaiian prints is another great idea. If you are looking for custom shirts, this is a great idea. You can buy such a fabric and have the shirt tailor made to fit you right.

If you are still wondering about other places where Hawaiian shirts are available at cheaper rates, then online shopping websites are the ultimate options to be checked out. There are a number of online shopping websites which are known for their collection of good these shirts which is sold at lower rates. Many websites have a huge product line of these shirts which offers pieces in various sizes, colors and prints. Pieces with older prints or those from older lot can be picked at extremely lower rates. You can also find pieces with very common prints with a low price tag. Moreover, such websites are also the best places to find big and tall shirts which are rarely found in stores.

Well, finding inexpensive Hawaiian shirts is no longer a tough job, right? So what are you girls and guys waiting for? Hit the stores or log on to the best online shopping website for buying these shirts, grab the most appealing piece for yourself and get ready flaunt it. Pair them with your classy denims or cotton capris and you are all set to look as cool as never before!

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Best Tips to Choose the Perfect Shirt

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The shape of your shirt collar should be different from your face shape. For example, a narrow point collar looks good for a round face, while a wide or medium spread collar suits an angular face.
Shirt collars should complement the face and body frame of the wearer. The collar is the most important part of your clothing because it is just below your face and if you are wearing a tie, it further attracts attention to your shirt collar. The right collar can enhance your look by balancing the appearance of your body. Thus, it is important to choose a collar with care. You should know which collar suits which face shape, so that you may be able to decide which collar looks good on you.

The narrow point collar is one where the space between the collar tips is very small. The medium or semi spread collar has a greater space between the collar tips than that of the narrow point. The wide spread collar has an even greater space between the collar tips than that of the medium spread. The club collar has rounded collar points. The button down collar shirts have small buttons at the tip of each collar to secure them to the shirt and keep them in place. The hidden button down collar shirt is similar, but has buttons underneath the collar tips. The cutaway collar shirt has collar tips far away from each other to allow full view of the tie. The tab collar shirt is one where the collar has two tabs at the midpoint of the collar points, which is used to connect under the tie. This allows the collar to stay flat around the neck and the tie to elevate. There are also other collar styles available such as band, mandarin, eyelet, wing collar, and some more. Follow these tips to determine which collar would work best for you.
Tips To Choose the Right Collar for Your Face
◆ People with round faces usually have short necks, a round jaw-line and forehead, and full cheeks. They should go for narrow point collars, button down collars, tabbed collars, hidden button down collars, or traditional collars which have less spread. These collars will help to narrow and elongate the round face, and create an illusion of a longer neck and face with definition. They should avoid medium spread collar shirts, club collar shirts or wide spread collar shirts so your face does not appear wider or fuller.
◆ In case your face is square-shaped where the jaw line is squarish, thus creating a combination of a large and angular face, then choose traditional collar shirts, narrow point collar shirts, button down collar shirts, hidden button collar shirts or tab collared shirts. Avoid wearing spread collars.

Types of Collars For Round and Square Faced People
◆ If you have an angular face like a diamond, heart, or triangle with prominent and sunken cheekbones and a narrow pointed chin, then the kind of collar that you should opt for is a medium spread collar or a wide spread collar which will de-emphasize the pointedness or sharpness of the face and make your face look fuller and the jawline wider. Stay away from narrow point collars and button down or hidden button down collars and tab collars which give your jaw line a weak appearance.

Types of Collars For Angular Faced People
◆ If you have an oblong or a rectangular face, i.e. your face appears long and rectangular and your chin is of a U-shape, then go for a medium spread or wide spread collar. These collars will serve to de-emphasize your elongated and narrow face and give you a fuller and wider look. Avoid wearing point collars, button down collars, hidden button down collars, and tab collars.

Types of Collars For Oblong and Rectangular Faced People
◆ If you have an oval face, where your face is longer than wider with cheekbones at the widest point, then you can enjoy wearing a collar of any type. To complement your face, you could go for a medium spread shirt collar, wide spread collar, a button down collar, hidden button down collar, or a tab collar. Even wearing a narrow point or traditional collared shirt is safe.

Types of Collars For Oval Faced People
◆ If you have a big head, opt for wide spread or cutaway collars so that your head appears smaller. Avoid pointed or narrow spread collars which will make your head look even bigger.

◆ If your head is small, go for medium spread or narrow point collars. Avoid wide spread collars as your head will look even smaller.
◆ People with long and lean necks should go for a medium spread, cutaway, or wide spread collar so that the neck appears shorter. Avoid wearing narrow pointed or less spread collars. The height of the collar can be increased to reduce the visibility of the neck.

◆ Similarly, people with short and thick necks should go for narrow point collars so that the neck appears bigger. Avoid wearing wide spread or medium spread collar shirts.
◆ If you have problems in analyzing your face shape, you can take help from a family member or friend. Or, you can take the advice of a fashion specialist.
Apart from shirt collars, there are a lot of other things to consider while dressing up. However, the basic rules mentioned above about balancing your face shape with the collar type, should help you choose the right shirt collar for your face shape and personality.

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Selecting Handkerchiefs for Men

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This is a quote by Allan Fusser. Sounds so true, does it not? Well, women do carry handkerchiefs, but what about men? Do they? Let’s unravel the mystery.

Taking up from the point I just pointed out, men are indeed shy to carry a handkerchief even when they have a blocked nose or a nose that promises to run a water supply facility 24/7. However, they fail to understand that this very unappealing tendency is doing a fantastic job of letting them down every time they strut around looking out for tissues in the vicinity. The scenario turns all the more anecdotal when the sneeze is about to prove its intensity. Well, to deviate on a serious note, maintaining hygiene is of paramount importance, in an age that marks the birth of novel diseases and ailments that are making their way up the ladder to prove their potency. Apart from personal hygiene, another factor that shares the platter of dominance is that of personal grooming. The art of handkerchief folding is far from realization for the men folk! Let us take one scenario with two situations.

Scenario 1 – A man has adorned a dinner jacket, with classy cuff links and polished moccasins, what would you think of him? Sophisticated?

Scenario 2 – A man adorns himself in a dinner jacket, with classy cuff links and polished moccasins is accompanied with a sneeze minus the handkerchief? The sneeze is not his fault, agreed! But does he have a handy handkerchief to wipe off the grim? What would you think of him, NOW?
. . Still sophisticated? I am sure your response is a somersaulted version of sophistication.

Chivalry has been a long-forgotten, relic etiquette of history. Offering a crisp handkerchief to a damsel in distress could be viewed no more as an etiquette, but a virtue few men are blessed with. It is but distasteful for a woman to look around for some ‘material’ help, only to find a man digging into the debris of his pocket to find nothing, but an inverted pocket! A thorough gentlemen is one who produces a well-groomed square when a lady needs it most. . . . Perhaps, to wipe the pearls of joy swinging down her cheeks. The essence lies in impressing the lady with your charm, gentlemen!

Handpicked Handkerchiefs for Men

Handkerchiefs have been around for ages. Tissues have been the new breed of handkerchiefs. However, there is nothing better than our old, faithful and very sustainable handkerchief. There are various styles on offer to suit a man’s preference. If gifting a set of handkerchiefs is your proposed idea, you could forge ahead and choose from the variety listed below.

Cotton Handkerchiefs
Men love practicality and simplistic sophistication. What about cotton handkerchiefs? Even plain white cotton kerchiefs are suitable to be used. Handkerchiefs made from 100% cotton are the ideal choice. The traditional cotton kerchiefs can be really handy and worth the penny. Men have a tendency to wait until the last piece from the handkerchief set makes its way into the closets ‘daily’ department before they buy a set of new one’s! Procrastinations cannot be the answer all the time!

Monogrammed Handkerchiefs
Well, monogrammed hankies are also doing the rounds with it being an ideal choice for daily use for men. Monogrammed handkerchiefs work well with semi-formal wear. They are generously sized for optimum usage. They are elegantly woven and embroidered handkerchiefs. They predominantly possess a cross-weave pattern. Its edges are hand-stitched. There are no issues of washing this embroidered linen. This could even be the perfect gift for men who need style packed in kerchiefs, desperately! (That was a mean statement, I suppose!)

Personalized Handkerchiefs
A set of personalized handkerchiefs could serve to be the perfect gift item for men. Simple yet elegant messages can be woven or embroidered on the kerchief triangle with colors and hues that define a sober yet classic sense of taste. Be it a love message etched on the fabric or two words conveying gratitude, you are sure to have your messages delivered in the most crisp manner possible. Do not jumble up while choosing between a monogrammed and a personalized handkerchief. Though they share a thin line of distinction, the former is an embroidered and designed initial(s) of an individual, whereas, the latter has little sayings or fond expressions woven through the fabric. Generally available in a set of three/four, they look crisp and traditional and moreover have a personalized touch.

Vintage Handkerchiefs
Vintage-styled handkerchiefs are one amongst the most luxuriant accessories for men. They are predominantly made of virgin cotton. Pay attention to the detailing as you discover the hand rolled edges and intricate embroidery to lend a classy demeanor to the hand piece. Ideal for weddings, especially for the bride’s father; they may come handy to wipe a tear or two. Offering it around for a mass ‘weeping’ session at the wedding may portray how chivalrous you have grown to be!

Silk Handkerchiefs
Silk handkerchiefs or the pocket square plays a major role in uplifting the sophisticated gentry even more! Yes, it’s true. The basic difference between a pocket square and a handkerchief lies in the sole factor of visibility. A pocket square needs to be placed in the breast pocket, whereas the handkerchief needs to be snug in your pocket without playing pick-a-boo with your attire! However, silk handkerchiefs are an expensive buy. You wouldn’t like to invest in a silk pocket square only to discover its use being transformed from a fold of style to a fold for the sneeze! They lend a finishing touch to the formal look that you adorn. It is a matter of sheer style when a silk hankie is seen in your breast pocket. Who says that your pocket square must be in perfect hue harmony with the tie or the suit you wear. The crux lies in the way you carry the look, gentlemen!

The traditional men hankies should be an accessory that covets panache, creative cheek and prerogative sauciness. So, all you men out there, it is time that the traditional hankie dives into deep waters only to emerge as the clear winner . . . where this eternal accessory is worth the keeps and not the sneeze!

Choosing Fashion Tips for Office Wear

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The way you dress up in the office determines how people at the workplace perceive you as a professional. Companies, no doubt, hold the right to implement a certain kind of dress code, however, they assume that you are well aware of appropriate, and inappropriate workplace wear. Therefore, as an employee, you ought to familiarize yourself with fashion tips for office wear. Let’s be honest, not all of us are serious about our workplace attire. So, this Buzzle article acquaints you with some tips for office wear.
Fashion at the Workplace

» Formal Business Attire:
Despite changing fashion trends, formal business wear is still the most featured attire in workplaces. This kind of more formal approach is mandatory in places like banks, courts, or corporate offices, because in places like these, your clothes speak for the work you carry out in the office. For men, ties, collared shirts, jackets and blazers are a must; they can be taken off in privacy of your cabin or cubicle. Loud colors are a strict no-no, sober or muted tones are acceptable. For women, trousers or skirts teamed with blouses and coordinated with a blazer is acceptable. The footwear too ought to be conservative and jewelry, minimal.

» Smart Casuals:
The concept of smart casuals evolved when most workers felt that formal business attire did not match the environment they were working in. It was not strictly necessary to wear formal business clothes for the type of work they were carrying out, therefore, they adopted smart casuals, which were more comfortable and less restrictive. When employees are comfortable in their attire, they are more productive. The smart-casual concept meets both ends, it maintains the office conventions of dressing and at the same time the comfort factor is taken care of. Smart casuals can include short sleeve shirts with no tie, or sweater or polo shirts for men, whereas women can wear conventional trousers, skirts, and blouses, and jackets can be replaced by a cardigan or jumper.

» Casuals:
Casual outfits are appropriate in offices where the work carried out is creative or artistic. This is because the comfort in such clothes help employees to maintain the right frame of mind that’s needed for their kind of job. Therefore, t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, and skirts are perfectly acceptable. Of course there are basic guidelines one must follow when you follow the casual style of dressing in your workplace. For example, women are not expected to wear too short tops or deep neck tops which will reveal their midriff. At the same time men should avoid t-shirts with large logos or offending statements on them. Now, this informal dress code could mean different things to different people, therefore, it is important for you to find out what the company actually expects out of you so that you can choose your casuals accordingly.

Office Fashion Tips

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are other basic fashion guidelines one has to adhere to, to look presentable at the workplace, because the way you dress affects how others at the workplace view you. There is nothing personal about it, it is plain business.

  • Avoid deep necklines as far as possible, as it can be distracting and is definitely an inappropriate way to dress up in a business environment. It is not just deep necklines, but clothes that show skin (more than required) which are generally unacceptable in a workplace.
  • Never resort to loud colors. While you choose a suit or blouse, in case of women, always go in for muted or soft colors; you would want people in the office to focus on your professionalism and not talk about your clothing. Your clothing can make the difference between a sleaze and a suave impression.
  • Men do not have a range of accessories to select from, however, whatever limited options they have should be classy and must be well-coordinated with their clothing. Avoid printed ties; keep it simple and subtle. Your belt should be closely coordinated with your shoes. Shoes without a second thought have to be conservative, clean, and polished. Of course, if your workplace environment is a little relaxed, then sneakers or slip-ons are acceptable, however, wearing flip-flops to work shows a very casual attitude, which is not quite appreciated.
  • Despite the many choices that women have in terms of selecting accessories, it is important that they keep flashy ones at bay. The point is to keep it simple. Accessories should be worn to enhance your personality and not diminish your credibility. Keep your make-up simple; avoid it if possible. If you just cannot live without your make-up, opt for nude shades and keep it minimal.
  • Ladies, an office is not the place to flaunt the various kinds of footwear you own, wear something that coordinates with your attire and enhances your personality. Avoid high heels if you cannot carry them well. It is important to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing, because that will elevate your confidence and productivity in office.

At a workplace, your clothes speak for yourself, even if you don’t. Therefore, when you dress-up, think about what you want to portray yourself to be. Moreover, fashion faux pas at the workplace can sometimes lead to being passed over for a responsibility or promotion. Hence, be careful!

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